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Smart-tec Performance Nutrition Fitness + Endurance series has been specifically designed for anyone looking to advance their natural fitness and endurance levels. The series was specifically designed to aid endurance energy levels, aid fast recovery and rehydrate athletes and sports competitors of all levels.

Our core product is our leading energy and hydration powder Tricarb, its Tri-source carbohydrate formula guarantees continual glycogen replenishment and has added BCAA’s and vital minerals. The Smart-tec development team worked with several manufacturers in producing the Fitness + Endurance series and from this developed Iso Smart, a readymade isotonic drinking with added B vitamins and minerals. Iso Smart's 32grams of fast impact carbohydrates are perfect to help you refuel during and towards the end of any event. No Fitness + Endurance series would be complete without L-Glutamine, L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and many athletes use our L-GlutamineFX prior to training to top up stored levels which may help keep them in an anabolic state.

Launching soon in our Fitness + Endurance series are our Smart Flapjacks, designed to deliver both fast and slow impact carbohydrates, a considerable 20grams of dual source protein and added MCT oil for added energy.

All Smart-tec Fitness + Endurance products excluding Iso Smart are manufactured in an informed sport factory making them suitable for IOC/WADA tested athletes. Although Iso Smart is not manufactured in an Informed Sport Factory it is not manufactured in a factory containing any substances on the IOC/WADA banned listed and comes with a safety sealed cap.

  1. Smart-Tec Pill Box

    Pill Box
  2. Smart-Tec Protein Shaker Energy + Endurance 600ml

    Protein Shaker Energy + Endurance 600ml
  3. Smart-Tec Smart Vit - 100 capsules

    Smart Vit
  4. Smart-Tec TriCARB+ 1kg - Lemon and Lime Fusion

    TriCARB+ 1kg
    Lemon and Lime
  1. Smart-Tec TriCARB+ 1kg - Tropical Fruit Fusion

    TriCARB+ 1kg
    Tropical Fruit Fusion
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