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Marc Austin

Date of Birth:
21st February 1994
139 lbs
Trains at:
Glasgow & Stirling
I am a triathlete just finished school and going to Stirling University in Stirling to study applied maths. I’ve always loved sport with football being my favourite until I was about 10. I then started swimming and running for more fitness and stamina but I found that I liked them more than football. From there I did a couple of aquathlons (swim and run) for fun but I got selected for a Scottish team for the inter regional Championships at 11 and started to take it more seriously. I was mostly competing in cross country running races and swim meets but triathlon gave me something different to focus on. As I got older more triathlon races became available to me and at the age of 14/15 I started competing around Britain in the Youth and Junior Super Series, winning medals from time to time. I’m currently on the Scottish Development Squad which is based through at Stirling University. I was recently picked to represent Britain at the European Junior Championships in Spain. That was the first time I’ve raced for GB.
Contest History:
Scottish Youth Triathlon Champion 2010
3rd at Scottish Junior Triathlon 2010
3rd at Blenheim Triathlon 2010
3rd Junior at Starthclyde Park race 2010 (British selection race)
13th Senior at Strathclyde Park Elite Triathlon 2010
British Youth Aquathlon Champion 2009
13th European Junior triathlon
1st European Junior mixed relay triathlon
3rd British junior aquathlon
1st European Youth relays
Current workout playlist:
Calvin Harris-Feel so Close
Sak Noel-Loca People
Hoodie Allan-Not a Robot
Kid Cudi-The Prayer
Tell us about yourself and the sport you compete in:
Triathlon is swimming, cycling and running one after another with no break. It requires a lot of training and also resting in order to be in the best shape possible on race day. An elite triathlete will train somewhere around 30-35 hours a week every week. As I am only a junior I’m not quite training that much yet. On average I probably train around 8/9 hours in the pool, 6-8 hours on the bike, 6- hours of running and 1 or 2 hours of strength and conditioning. I don’t want to progress my training too quickly because it risks injury and also it gives you nothing to build on when turning into a senior. At the moment I’d probably say my strongest discipline is running but it changes all the time. A good website for following triathlon is
How did you become involved in your sport?
I was enjoying swimming and running and aquathlons seemed ideal. From there I found out about triathlons and started racing triathlon.
What does your weekly training programme consist of?
5-6*90 minute swim sessions. Only 3 or 4 of these are hard with the rest being aerobic
4-5 bike sessions with one hard group ride, one session of sprints or hills and 2-3 steady rides
6 runs. 2 track sessions, 1 hard road session, 2 easy runs and 1 long run
Which Smart Tec products do you use?
WheyFX, RecoverFX and TriCARB
How do Smart Tec products help you during your training and whilst you compete?
Because there is so much training involved in triathlon recovery is very important so that you can get the best out of each session. The RecoverFX is really good to have after training because it helps to get your body ready for the next session. The TriCARB is really good during training because when you’re struggling towards the end of a session it gives you a boost that helps get the job done.
What is your favourite meal?
My mum’s lasagne!
What is your favourite Smart Tec product and why?
TriCARB because I notice a difference when I’m struggling in training
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Getting selected to represt Britain in the Europeans
Who are your heroes?
Will Clarke and Andy Schleck
What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
Sleeping, watching TV or go to the cinema
How do you stay relaxed and focused when the pressure is on?
I just think about the race and try to forget about anything else. It helps me focus on what I have to do instead of worrying about what’s going to happen if I don’t do it.
What are your future goals?
I’d love to represent GB at the Olympics and Scotland at the Commonwealth Games and hopefully get a medal!
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