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Jen Ford

Jen Ford
Date of Birth:
Personal Trainer
5ft 9
144 lbs off season…. 135lbs competition weight
Trains at:
Xcite Bathgate
I Graduated with an Honors Degree in Marketing from the University of Stirling in 2006 after which I began a career in Marketing for Education. A redundancy at work in 2014 encouraged me to pursue a complete career change and set up as a personal trainer and I’ve never looked back. I thrive on the hunger and desire to constantly improve, like I’m in competition with my former self and aim to be the best role model possible for my beautiful boy. I love the satisfaction that comes from a phenomenal workout and eating well but also enjoy the down-time spent relaxing with family and friends.
Contest History:
I won the very first competition I entered- NABBA Miss Scotland Toned Figure 2012
UKBFF Scottish Championships May 2014- Second Place Bikini Fitness
UKBFF British Finalist October 2014
Tell us about yourself and the sport you compete in:
Growing up I was always a ‘sporty girl’ and had an interest in keeping fit. Like a lot of people I noticed that my fitness level dropped and my weight went in the wrong direction while I was at University so I began taking a much greater interest in nutrition and training. The thing I love about women’s bodybuilding is that there are so many different avenues to choose from- whether it be physique, figure or bikini…. There is a category to suit all girls! It gives you that purpose; that focus to get in the gym and lift heavy but also the opportunity to glam up, be girly and show people that women can be both strong and feminine. Lifting doesn’t have to mean getting butch- it’s about enhancing your shape and getting a booty!
How did you become involved in your sport?
Following the birth of my son in 2008 I found myself pondering the idea of competing in figure competitions and then in 2011 decided to recruit the help of a coach and focused on refining my physique. Friends in the sport encouraged me to train for a bodybuilding show as they recognised my love for weight training and saw potential in my physique.
What does your weekly training programme consist of?
I weight train 5-6 days a week and try to make sure I get a rest day- usually after leg day! In the 8-10 weeks prior to a competition I sometimes train twice a day and introduce some cardio in the form of HIIT training to blast the body fat!
Which Smart Tec products do you use?
I use WheyFX+, Tricarb+, Smart BCAA, CreatineFX and RecoverFX GO
How do Smart Tec products help you during your training and whilst you compete?
Each product supplements my diet perfectly for training, especially when cutting for a show. The flavours of WheyFX definitely help satisfy the sweet cravings I experience whilst dieting- stopping me reaching for anything bad!
What is your favourite meal?
My favourite meal during competition prep is definitely salmon with steamed veg….. off season it’d have to be fully loaded Nachos followed by peanut butter ice cream!
What is your favourite Smart Tec product and why?
My favourite product is definitely Tricarb. This is by far the best intraworkout carb I’ve used and it tastes amazing! It helps give me that extra boost during a workout-especially when cutting for a competition.
What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
On days off I like to stay active- or I’d end up in the gym! I enjoy taking my little boy snowboarding or bowling. He is extremely competitive, I’ve no idea where he gets it from!
How do you stay relaxed and focused when the pressure is on?
I surround myself with positive people, friends and family who encourage me to stay on point when the pressure mounts. I try to relax in the sauna and get a massage when training and diet begin to take their toll.
What motivates you?
Fellow competitors keep me motivated, there are so many of us experiencing this journey so it’s important to keep one another going. I look up to other women that have been competing for years and the struggles they have overcome. I also like to look back on my own progress to remind me how far I’ve come.
What are your future goals?
I’d love to compete at an International level and, of course, motivate others on their health and fitness journey.
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