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Fabio Bonanno

Fabio Bonnano
Fabio Bonanno
Date of Birth:
Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder & Fitness Model
Trains at:
Virgin Active Barbican
I discovered the gym around 8 years ago now, have played basketball from the age of 10 to 22 years old before 2 knee operations made me take early retirement in a sport that I didn’t enjoy anymore. That was 2 years ago, I occasionally trained and attempted many other sports after this, however, about 2 years ago, I started taking the gym seriously and have great pride in saying I’ve transformed my body as a drug free athlete. I currently work as a personal trainer in London, this was a big jump leaving my engineering job in Glasgow of over 8 years but I feel passionate about what I do and I know it will bring success.
Career History:
Scottish UKBFF 2nd place 1st show
Current workout playlist:
Hustlin’ (Rick Ross)
Never Scared (Bone Crusher)
Enter Sandman (Metallica)
Beemer, Benz or Bently (Lloyd Banks)
Music Matters (Mark Knight-Faithless)
Tell us about yourself and the sport you compete in:
This is my second year competing. Last year was a great insight into how much is involved in the sport of bodybuilding so this year is a whole other level as I intend to be the best I can be. I am a part time fitness model and the gym helps me maintain this lifestyle.
How did you become involved in your sport?
Working out for years and being told by numerous people that I should compete in body building took it’s toll so I set myself a life goal and have entered my first competition last year, and here I am.
What does your weekly training programme consist of?
My current training program is based on a four day power/hypertrophy split with a rest day and cardio day inbetween. The split is;
Day 1 – Military press, pull ups, dips, calf raises
Day 2 – Deadlift, split squats, bicep curls
Day 3 – BB Bench press, incline DB press, DB row, DB pullover
Day 4 – Squats. front squats, straight leg dead lifts, calf raises
Low rest, high intensity. Abs will be done every second day depending on how I’m feeling.
Which Smart Tec products do you use?
WheyFX, L-GlutamineFX, CreatineFX, RecoverFX, CompleteFX
How do Smart Tec products help you during your training and whilst you compete?
The products are a key component to my recovery. They help me to fuel my muscles with exactly what they need post workout. They taste great too which is an added bonus.
What is your favourite meal?
PopTarts (yes I eat pop tarts)
What is your favourite Smart Tec product and why?
RecoverFX, great tasting protein with everything I need, what more can I ask for?
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Coming 2nd in the UKBFF Scottish championships - I was disappointed though as I know I could have personally done better.
Who are your heroes?
Greg Plitt and Rob Riches, both idols of mine and are fountains of knowledge, as well as being in incredible shape.
What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
A day off is a rare occasion, however, if I do get one, I just enjoy relaxing with good people and good food and getting a full rest and recovery.
How do you stay relaxed and focused when the pressure is on?
Music is the key to de-stressing, I would take a drive with some good music or go in the gym and smash a high intensity workout to produce massive amounts of endorphins, cannot beat natural highs!
What motivates you?
Success is my main motivator, I take great pride in everything that I do and set myself goals so that I can have a feeling of accomplishment. Watching videos of competitors online also help when struggling for that push!
What are your future goals?
To develop my Personal Training business; as a Fitness Model I’m looking to grace the cover of Health & Fitness magazine’s and of course I’m looking to win the BNBF Scottish championships on June 10th 2012
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