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Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis
Date of Birth:
Sales Manager for Powerhouse Fitness
5ft 7in
175lbs contest - 200lbs off-season
Trains at:
Peter MacDougall’s Future Fitness
Cambuslang, Glasgow
Contest History:
2003 BNBF Scottish Novices - Unplaced
2004 2nd Place BNBF Scottish Novices
2005 4th Place BNBF Northern Middleweights
2005 4th Place BNBF British Finals Middleweights
2007 3rd Place BNBF Scottish Heavyweights
Current workout playlist:
Whatevers on in the gym, I don’t really take much notice to be honest!
Tell us about yourself and the sport you compete in:
I've always done some form of exercise since I was a kid. First it was Karate from around age 7-12 but I got a bit disillusioned (lazy!) with it and decided it wasn't for me. Around the same time my Grandad gave me an old set of dumbbells and I would always mess about with them up in my bedroom. I never actually visited a proper gym until I was about 19/20 years old! Natural Bodybuilding is the sport I compete in and there are now several different federations in the UK which is fantastic for the sport and gives people who are into bodybuilding more options if they ever decide to give competing a try.
How did you become involved in your sport?
I never used to do typical bodybuilding training but when I saw a flyer for a Natural Bodybuilding Show back around 2002 (BNBF British Open), I was intrigued and I began training for the following years show by adjusting my training to a more specific bodybuilding training split.
What does your weekly training programme consist of?
Monday - Back & Rear Delts
Tuesday - Chest, Delts & Abs
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Arms & Abs
Saturday - Off
Sunday – Off
Which Smart Tec products do you use?
WheyFx, RecoverFx, GlutamineFx & Iso-Smart
How do Smart Tec products help you during your training and whilst you compete?
Great taste, easy mixing and the most important thing being that they are of the highest quality ingredients - which means I have one less thing to worry about.
What is your favourite meal?
Dominoes Ham & Pineapple Pizza!
What is your favourite Smart Tec product and why?
RecoverFx, tastes amazing and has an ideal post-workout ingredient profile. Chocolate flavour is amazing!
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Being on-stage at the BNBF British is probably the only real highlight so far, hopefully I'll get back there again one day.
Who are your heroes?
I don't have any heroes as such but I here are my favourite bodybuilders:
Favourite IFBB Bodybuilders - Lee Priest, Shawn Ray, Flew Wheeler & Arnie ofcourse!
Favourite Natural Bodybuilders - Dean Garrett, Nigel Davies & Raymond James.
What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
On my days off from weights I'm usually playing golf or getting the odd game of football if I'm not injured!
How do you stay relaxed and focused when the pressure is on?
I think the best thing to do when the pressure is on is to keep busy which usually helps keep the mind occupied.
What motivates you?
Nothing specific really motivates me, I just train for the love of training really!
What are your future goals?
I would love to win the BNBF Scottish Overall and get a chance to compete at the British again. My main goal really would be to nail a diet properly and do my physique justice! That way, whatever placing I ended up with, whether it was first or last, wouldn't really matter as I'd have brought my best shape to the stage.

Whatevers on in the gym, I don’t really take much notice to be honest!

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