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Alistair Casey

Alistair Casey
Alistair Casey
Date of Birth:
23rd February 1981
Athlete - Badminton
5ft 7in
Trains at:
Different locations, constantly competing at present, train on tour!
New Zealand and the US
Alistair is a professional badminton player from Glasgow, Scotland who has spent the last 10 years competing all over the the world at the highest level of the sport. Someone who now lives on tour, racking up a huge amount of air miles with regular intercontinental travel between tournaments and the next training location. Alistair was based for 4 years out of New Zealand until 2011 for easier traveling up and back to Asia for the sports key events, since 2011 Alistair has lived in Orange County, California where he trains under the guidance of Olympic and two time World Champion Tony Gunawan.
Contest History:
Alistair is the No.1 Men's Singles players for Scotland and has qualified for the last 5 consecutive BWF World Championships. He was the first Scot to win a Mens Singles world ranking tour event (now 5 tour titles), and the only Scot to have competed main draw of the prestigious Super Series tour, the top tier for the best World 32.
Current workout playlist:
Green River (CCR)
Not Afraid (Eminem)
Human (The Killers)
Highway To Hell (ACDC)
Eminence Front (The Who)
Tell us about yourself and the sport you compete in:
Bar, club owner, full time badminton player, part-time idiot, lives - in an airport!
How did you become involved in your sport?
Went along to a Glasgow Council run Racquet Sports Summer Camp at the age of 14 to play short-tennis, course was full so was thrown into the badminton section .. the rest is history.
What does your weekly training programme consist of?
I try to comprise most of my training now fully on court, weight training being done on court for example with 20kg Weighted Jacket .. with reasonable gaps in between competitions track work also, 400m work running under 1minute rest 1:1 repeat x20 to boost CV .... weekly workload, normal 4hrs a day mostly on court, 6 days a week. Since moving to California I have begun again to work on huge running sessions and on court footwork sessions.
Which Smart Tec products do you use?
CreatineFX, GlutamineFX, CompleteFX+
How do Smart-Tec products help you during your training and whilst you compete?
Recovery, Speed and ability to maintain a high workload in training and output across a whole week without breaking down to fatigue. My game itself is built on speed and Creatine managed the right way helps tremendously with explosive muscle use. I require a high calorie diet to be able to train at the level required of me. Complete FX shakes 3 to 4 times a day.
What is your favourite meal?
Tim Tam Biscuits, probably followed with a Big Mac (hit me now) .... though I love my asian food now and annihilate a lot of Japanese these days, pork, chicken in whatever combination with a lot of white rice. ..... oh and a can of coke ... don't take my Coca Cola away from me !!!
What is your favourite Smart Tec product and why?
Creatine FX ..... ultra quick .. love it.
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Winning on the International Tour in Asia in both singles and doubles in what is an asian saturated sport is a major achievement, having qualified for the last 5 world championships is fantastic but playing main draw Super Series in Hong Kong against the Olympic Champion in front of 2000 people and on live TV certainly a highlight … playing pro league matches in the USA I have also played singles and doubles for my team with the Olympic and World Champion Tony Gunawan which is a privilege.
Who are your heroes?
Gotta say I still love the Fed Express, and Im just waiting for Tiger Woods to rise eventually like a phoenix from the flames, resurrect his career and personal life with some more astronomical domination of his sport.
What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
I love my Kawasaki Ninja motorbike in racing green, 0-60 in under 4 seconds .. that said I live a little in fear of crashing in again after coming off it at speed on the motorway a few months ago ... generally apart from that I think im starting to get a little old now and more reserved ahaha ... chill out at home, online poker, tv .. and of course .. GOLF, grip it and rip it baby !! Since moving to the United States, NFL has taken over a bit of my life .. especially fantasy football ;)
How do you stay relaxed and focused when the pressure is on?
You learn, maybe its through age and experience that in the end you have to get the job done. Suck it up and focus, execute your highest quality or put your rackets in your bag and go home. Sport is great, there is no mitigation, its black and white. On any given day you win or you lose and how good are you at doing it is down to you.
What motivates you?
What are your future goals?
2015 World Championships
2016 European Championships
2016 Olympic Games
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