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Smart-Tec really is The Smart Choice


Below are just some of the reasons why Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition is the brand to choose:

  • • Smart-Tec use the largest European manufacturers to ensure the best quality and cutting edge formulas are delivered.
  • • Smart-Tec take pride in producing great tasting products and the strongest, most potent legal formulas available.
  • • Smart-Tec has an extremely loyal customer base, and since 2005 products such as Smart-Tec WheyFX whey protein have become established as one of the best tasting and highest quality whey protein shakes on the market.
  • • Smart-Tec formulas and labels meet all European regulations and are constantly reviewed.
  • • Smart-Tec uses HFL* to randomly drug test products across the range to ensure they are safe to use for WADA tested athletes.
  • • Smart-Tec formulas contain the scientifically correct dosages of effective ingredients. There are no hidden stacks or proprietary blends
  • • Smart-Tec spend less on gimmicky adverts and more on innovation, quality control and affordable premium products.
  • • Smart-tec Performance Nutrition take great pride in product formulas. There are no invented fancy names for amino acids; to ensure you get the best sports nutrition has to offer, Smart-Tec simply make the most effective formulas at the correct dosages with affordable prices.


Smart-Tec HFL approved sports nutrition

*More information on HFL, Smart-Tec’s partners for drug screening and product testing:

Supported by UK Sport, HFL Sport Science has pioneered a supplement testing service accredited to the ISO17025 standard. The service assists the nutritional supplement and sports nutrition industry with process and quality control procedures and reassures customers that products are free from relevant contamination with prohibited substances.

Not only are they ISO17025 accredited for this analysis, but also have experience of testing within the framework of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). 

Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition are committed to drug screening their products for banned substances, and will randomly batch test core lines of WheyFX, RecoverFX and CreatineFX Creapure which are the three most popular lines for professional athletes and sports teams. These products are listed on the HFL Sport Science tested product list. Smart-Tec also produce all products excluding XcelR8+ and DetoxFX at an Informed Sport approved factory.

Smart-Tec use HFL for nutritional testing - analysis is carried out for protein, carbohydrate and vitamin content, for label verification, or testing for chemical residue from manufacture. When Smart-Tec say WheyFX has 75g of protein per 100g it is a proven tested amount. Smart-Tec always use the highest quality European whey protein.


Official Suppliers

Smart-Tec are proud official suppliers to Scottish Premier League team Heart of Midlothian FC, as well as rugby league football clubs Batley Bulldogs and Dewsbury Rams.




At Hearts we have started using Smart-Tec supplements because of the all-round quality of the product. It is important for us that players not only use supplements that are nutritionally engineered to enhance players’ performance and recovery, but that are independently drug tested to guarantee that they meet World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations. In addition, we wanted supplements that tasted good to ensure that players consistently adhered to the nutritional protocols. Smart-Tec was the only company that were able to meet all of our criteria. Since using Smart-Tec supplements, players at Hearts have shown large improvements in their rate of recovery between training sessions and following matches allowing them to train harder and more frequently. As a result, we have observed substantial increases in their strength and power which are visible in their recent performances on the pitch.

Dr Dave Sykes (BSc, PhD, ASCC, BASES Accredited Sport Scientist)

Sports Scientist, Heart of Midlothian Football Club


"We are absolutely delighted that (they) have agreed to sponsor us in this way. Correct diet and nutrition is an essential part of the life of any athlete and with the demands of the modern game on the player's bodies players need to look after themselves and to prepare in the best possible way and we are pleased to be able to endorse the Smart-Tec Range of products. Ram's Chairman Mark Sawyer added "we know that Smart-Tec already sponsor Hearts FC in Scotland so we are delighted that we are now able to take advantage of this sponsorship...”

Warren Jowitt

Coach, Dewsbury Rams

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