What’s the best exercise technique?

I often get asked what’s the best exercise for certain muscle groups or certain goals. Instead of answering with 1 thing that is limited I’ll give you this to consider. What’s the goal? Let’s say squats are meant to be the best exercise for growing big legs. Which is true to an extent but there […]


Nutriton made easy

Do you know what “nutrition” even is? I bet you 80%+ of the population are confused about nutrition. We’ve all been there. I was even speaking to a client yesterday about it. Trying to explain what is easy for me but overwhelming for her. I get it. Everyone is preaching a different religion. This way […]


Meal Prep Tips

A lot of people I speak to when they hear I am competing again will normally say “aww I don’t know how you do it, I’ve not got the willpower or time to prepare all my food”. Now for the majority of people who aren’t prepping for a show or following a strict diet there […]


Cardio in the Off Season

Last year’s competitive season for me finished in November and since then it has officially been off season which means plenty of good food, socialising, spending time with family and generally making the most of my time away from dieting and comp prep. Now I know for many people off season means putting on a […]

German Volume Training

Struggling for workout ideas? Try this

With so many different workouts out there all claiming to be the best, it’s difficult to pick one. If your goal is to get stronger, put on muscle and keep body fat low then this workout style is for you. It’s called German Volume Training, or GVT for short. It was popularised in the 70’s […]

How to make you diet work for you

When I work with clients I don’t give meal plans.  ​​​​​​​They simply aren’t sustainable.  ​​​​​​​Yes I do give guidelines and you should have some rules to live by but being restricted by a meal plan will set you up for failure.  There is research out there that compared to diets with the exact same calories and circumstances […]

What really gets results?

Is it the perfect training plan? Is it the perfect diet? Is it stretching and recovering? Is it the perfect cardio plan? The answer is none of the above as well as all of the above. Let me explain. Too often, individuals look for the one thing that will get them all the results they’ve […]